You can get an AI-powered supplier search for your sourcing needs.

By: Auras Tanase - 11 September 2023

Envision a world where comprehensive and accurate data on suppliers and their capabilities are available within seconds. Veridion transforms this vision into reality!

Supplier Discovery powered by AI.

Leaders in industries like pharma, semiconductors, and management consulting use our AI-powered Search API to access data about potential suppliers and act on key insights such as main business activities, manufacturing capabilities, location, revenue levels, and other 50+ data attributes. You can discover every data point available through this link.

ChatGPT can write your emails, we can find your next supplier.

As procurement professionals, we understand that you face tight deadlines, and the ability to access the best possible structured data sources can help accelerate speed-to-market for you and your business stakeholders. That’s why we’re offering you a unique opportunity to connect with our team of experts and receive a customized AI-powered search tailored to your sourcing needs.

See Veridion in Action.

To better represent how procurement teams use our AI-powered Search API and what you can expect for your custom search results, we’ve highlighted one of the searches that went through our API last week.

You can discover some of the highlights of this search in the visual below and access this link for an in-depth breakdown.

Get a comprehensive list of top suppliers for your requirements with deep insights into their offerings.

So tell us about your wishes regarding your ideal supplier, and our AI-powered complex search will do its magic.

Simply fill out the form provided, and we’ll connect with you to present your search results in a demo meeting.