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Discover new revenue opportunities

Find and qualify leads based on

  • underwriting risks

  • business characteristics

  • geographies

  • NAICS codes

  • similar companies

  • ESG Materiality

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Quote to Bind

Quickly validate and pre-fill applicant data for faster quote to bind

Our Match & Enrich API provides a full business profile from just a name and an address, enabling rapid data pre-fill and more accurate validation of applicant data to speed up the quote to bind process.

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Premium Leakage

Improve Underwriting and Reduce Premium Leakage with Veridion’s APIs

Our Match & Enrich API can help you overpower underwriting by reducing premium leakage through better assignment of the right limits and coverage. With our API, you can validate businesses with greater accuracy than alternative solutions on the market, reducing risk and increasing confidence in underwriting decisions. Our AI-powered data also enables better monitoring of changes in underwriting risks, business activity, locations, policies, and product types.

Monitoring / Servicing / Risk Management

The eye of the AI.

Automatically monitor for changes in

  • underwriting risks

  • business activity

  • locations

  • policies

  • product types

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Validate Claims Automatically with Veridion’s AI-powered APIs

Veridion's AI-powered Match & Enrich APIs can help insurance companies increase automation and overall data accuracy when validating self-reported information about claimant business and operations. Our API provides a full business profile from just a name and an address, enabling data pre-fill and better validation of applicant data. With our automatic validation, you can trust the data you receive and process claims more efficiently.

Actuarial modelling

Boost Pricing and Loss Ratio Models

With Veridion's AI-powered Match & Enrich APIs, you can boost your insurance company's actuarial modelling by accessing accurate and up-to-date data on 80 million businesses worldwide. Our APIs enable faster data integration and open up new markets for data-centric SaaS or other early-stage solutions. By leveraging the power of our algorithms and AI, you can gather firmographic data with speed, accuracy, and coverage that surpasses human capabilities, giving you a competitive edge in pricing and loss ratio models.

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Easy workflow integration

Our data is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows, making it easy for you to access and analyze the information you need. Our API's intuitive design allows for quick and easy implementation, while our team of experts can work with you to tailor the solution to your specific business needs.

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Complex Search API

Veridion's most powerful tool for procurement professionals

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Match & Enrich API

Enrich any company profile with just 2 inputs

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