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Veridion Proudly Achieves International Recognition at the 2023 TITAN Innovation Awards!

By: Miriam Cihodariu - 20 November 2023
veridion silver trophy at 2023 titan innovation awards

Bucharest, November 20, 2023 – The International Awards Associate (IAA) proudly reveals that Veridion successfully won the TITAN Innovation Awards Silver in the Big Data category for their amazing innovation of AI-fueled business data that consistently outperforms all competitors in terms of data coverage and accuracy. 

Through this award, TITAN recognizes all who fearlessly pioneer ahead, executing bold and imaginative ideas, inspiring the next generation of visionaries.

Despite its recent inception, the award has already received over hundreds of submissions from countries worldwide in 2023, each uniquely showcasing groundbreaking advancements of innovation. Veridion reigned over a large number of competitors, igniting different designs and technologies, soaring to new heights of recognition.

We are very proud to receive the recognition of this newest TITAN Innovation Award in the Big Data category.”, said Florin Tufan, Veridion CEO and Co-Founder. “Innovating in AI-fueled business data is not just about leading in the industry; it’s about redefining what is possible in data accuracy and coverage. We employ advanced scrapers and machine learning to comprehend the ever-expanding business landscape and we offer the resulting data through APIs tailored for data science teams, in order to enable making business decisions at scale. We’re happy that our accomplishments were noticed through this award as well“, added Florin. 

Standing at the forefront of change, TITAN considers it a profound privilege to honor the visionaries and architects of tomorrow,” declared Thomas Brand, the spokesperson of IAA. “These innovators do not merely push boundaries, they reimagine them, setting a new paradigm of excellence that resonates with our esteemed panel of judges and beyond.

The 2023 TITAN Innovation Awards has gathered a professional panel of jurors who originate from the global stage of professional excellence. These experts, including Ashlesha V Kadam (United States), Arvin Maleki (Turkey), Atul Gupta (United States), Joon Kwon (South Korea), and Vasil Velchev (Bulgaria), among others, uphold the standards of impartial judging, ensuring the most groundbreaking ideas receive the accolade they rightfully deserve.

These leaders have taken their organizations to new heights, lighting the way for future innovation through exemplary achievements,” remarked Thomas. “It is this spirit and concrete impact that the TITAN Innovation Awards celebrate, leaving a lasting impression that others will follow, especially in the upcoming award competitions.

About Veridion

Veridion is a new-age data vendor that specialises in Business Data. They maintain a weekly-updated database of over 80 million Company Profiles. Their data covers every aspect of a business from identification, locations and classification to product offerings, ESG topics and more. Veridion employs advanced scrapers and machine learning to comprehend the ever-expanding business landscape and offer the resulting data through APIs tailored for data science teams to enable making business decisions at scale. In 2022, Veridion secured $6M from European Venture firms to expand their data-gathering capabilities.

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