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8 Best Supplier Performance Management Systems

By: Stefan Gergely - 18 June 2024
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Supplier performance management systems have definitely evolved from being a nice-to-have to a must-have tool in every procurement professional’s toolkit. 

They are the key to successful supplier collaboration, prompt risk mitigation, long-term partnerships, and overall operational efficiency in today’s increasingly complex supply chains.  

That’s why, in this article, we explore eight of the best such systems. 

Each one offers unique features and capabilities tailored to meet the diverse needs, as well as budgets, of businesses across various industries. 

Whether you’re looking to streamline supplier evaluations, improve communication, or ensure compliance with industry standards, there’s a solution on this list for you.

Kodiak Hub

Kodiak Hub is a cloud-based supplier relationship management (SRM) system that leverages big data, smart automation, and AI to help users better understand and optimize partnerships with their suppliers. 

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Source: Kodiak Hub

The platform is quite versatile, offering various modules that users can “plug and play” to tailor the solution to their unique needs. 

These modules include:

kp(INSIGHT)Captures data on supplier performance, rating them based on delivery performance, flexibility, sustainability, etc.
on(SITE)Helps manage and conduct audits, recording information captured during the process.
in(SITE)Handles supplier onboarding and tracks compliance and overall operations.
fin(SIGHT)Assesses supplier financial risk.
media(INSIGHT)Keeps you informed about current events and helps predict future ones based on reported media.
safe(SOURCE)Assesses potential risks within the supply chain.

Kodiak Hub doesn’t just offer robust features, though.

It also integrates with different ERP and S2P providers, offering a unified view of information across multiple departments or functions. 

Plus, it’s scalable—you can start with a few modules and expand as your business grows. 

So, what about the price? 

While Kodiak Hub promises to cost one-tenth of what their competitors charge, specific pricing isn’t listed publicly. 

To find out more, book a free demo through their website to discuss your requirements with the Kodiak Hub team, see the product in action, and get all your questions answered.

Overall, if you’re looking for a user-friendly, yet customizable solution that looks sleek and professional, Kodiak Hub might be the system for you. 


Veridion, formerly known as Soleadify, is a data intelligence company specializing in providing detailed and accurate business information. 

The platform uses advanced AI and machine learning techniques to gather, process, and analyze data from a wide array of sources, offering deep insights into businesses worldwide. 

One key area Veridion focuses on is procurement, specifically supplier sourcing and management. 

Here’s how procurement professionals can use this platform to take supplier management to the next level:

Supplier sourcingUsing AI-powered search capabilities, Veridion taps into a vast global database to create a shortlist of potential suppliers in minutes.
Performance trackingThe Match & Enrich capability keeps supplier data up to date, ensuring you’re always on top of changes in your supplier landscape.
Risk detectionThe supplier risk monitoring feature tracks supplier data, allows you to create risk factors and alerts you if potential supplier risk is detected.

Essentially, Veridion tackles supplier performance management in two ways. 

It helps you find reliable suppliers quickly and easily, while also empowering you to monitor your existing ones and proactively manage risks before they start affecting your own business. 

Veridion’s biggest strength lies in its rich, ever-fresh data. 

veridion screenshot

Source: Veridion

Boasting one of the most extensive business data repositories, Veridion covers over 60 data points for more than 80 million companies worldwide. 

All this data is accessible through a single API and updated weekly, ensuring you’re always in the know about your suppliers’ health and performance.

Therefore, if you’re in the market for constantly updated, accurate, and actionable AI-driven insights, consider reaching out and scheduling a data consultation through the Veridion website.


Developed by GEP, a leading provider of procurement and supply chain solutions, GEP SMART is a cloud-based, AI-powered, unified source-to-pay platform streamlining various procurement processes from a single, cohesive system. 

In terms of supplier performance management itself, the solution offers a comprehensive suite of features, including:

360-degree supplier dashboardEnables monitoring and analysis of supplier performance, risk, and opportunities through an intuitive interface.
Supplier onboarding supportMakes onboarding faster and simpler through a team of experts overseeing the entire process.
Supplier performance monitoringAllows users to create action plans to achieve contracted goals such as diversity or emissions reductions, and tracks progress.
Certification managementTracks and manages supplier certifications to ensure compliance with required standards.

Besides, GEP SMART provides integration options for major ERP systems and APIs for custom solutions, ensuring compatibility with an organization’s existing IT infrastructure. 

This makes it a good choice for large enterprises or multinational companies looking for an all-in-one procurement platform that will consolidate and streamline their purchasing operations across various departments and regions.

gep smart tool screenshot


At the moment, GEP SMART doesn’t publicly disclose pricing details or offer free trials and freemium versions. 

However, those who are interested can visit their website for further information or to request a software demo through a provided contact form.


ComplianceQuest is a unified enterprise quality management software (EQMS) powered by AI. 

Natively built on the Salesforce.com platform and completely cloud-based, it was designed to assist companies across various industries in managing their quality and compliance processes. 

This makes ComplianceQuest particularly suited for heavily regulated sectors such as life sciences, manufacturing, and automotive.

Of course, the solution offers robust supplier performance management capabilities, such as:

Supplier qualification and approvalEvaluates and approves suppliers based on predetermined criteria.
Supplier auditsHelps users plan, execute, and track supplier audits to ensure compliance.
Document controlProvides a centralized repository for certifications, audits, contracts, etc.
Risk managementHelps assess and mitigate supplier-related risks.
CAPA (corrective and preventive action) integrationAllows users to address and resolve supplier-related issues.

According to their own website, using these features can:

  • significantly reduce deviations, 
  • minimize product recalls, and 
  • help users proactively tackle issues before they impact product integrity, customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, or even operational efficiency.

Similar to the products we’ve covered so far, pricing information about this solution is available upon request. 

Plus, interested parties can either access a free demo video to see the key features in action, or request a more personalized demonstration by filling out a form and scheduling an appointment through their website.


HICX is a cloud-based supplier management system that focuses on helping businesses effectively manage their supplier data, relationships, and performance. 

In fact, according to their own website, HICX is the most comprehensive supplier management platform available at the moment. 

Now, let’s talk capabilities. 

HICX offers many features that help improve supplier collaboration, mitigate risks, and drive operational efficiency across the entire supply chain:

360 ScorecardsCombines survey and business intelligence-based insights to provide an accurate representation of supplier performance.
Manage by ExceptionAllows users to set performance-based thresholds and alerts for faster issue response.
IntegrationsSupports over 40 prebuilt integrations with third-party sources of supplier information.
KPI and Templates LibraryEnables establishment of supplier performance management programs tailored to specific needs, monitoring relevant KPIs.

HICX prides itself on its high flexibility, allowing users to manage performance across diverse supplier types, business units, and criteria. 

Even non-technical personnel can develop or configure performance measurement programs and workflows using low-code/no-code building blocks, without sacrificing the integrity of supplier master data. 

hicx screenshot

Source: HICX

Beyond rich supplier performance data accessible to both tech and non-tech staff, the solution’s flexibility is further enhanced by its system agnosticism. 

HICX can integrate with multiple ERP and P2P systems from various vendors, with different versions, as well as a combination of on-premise and cloud models. 

In a nutshell, the platform is highly configurable and able to accommodate diverse business needs and industry-specific requirements, which makes it particularly well-suited for large enterprises with complex supply chains and extensive supplier networks.

For more detailed information on their offerings and pricing, or to schedule a demo, you can visit the HICX website and contact their sales team.


Tradogram is an all-in-one procurement management solution, encompassing procure-to-pay, strategic sourcing, and supplier management

For the latter, it offers various features across five key areas:

ListAllows users to upload or integrate existing vendor lists in different formats and create detailed supplier profiles.
ProfileStores detailed contact information, links suppliers to the item master database and shows an overview of past transactions.
CollaborateIncludes built-in messaging and chat rooms and allows users to share documents during negotiations.
EvaluateRates suppliers on key metrics using customized evaluation forms and sends reminders for performance reviews.
OnboardIts user-friendly interface allows for easier supplier onboarding.

Tradogram can integrate with many of today’s major ERP, accounting, and SSO platforms, and supports integration with over 20 online suppliers through PunchOut Capability. 

This allows Tradogram users to access these suppliers’ catalogs, shop for products, and complete orders directly from within the platform, without the need for manual data entry of shopping cart details. 

tradogram integrations screenshot

Source: Tradogram

As for integrations with other types of solutions, they offer a RESTful API connection that allows developers to easily sync two systems.

Regarding pricing, Tradogram offers three plans: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. 

The Basic plan is free, though it provides limited features and supports only a single user account without integrations. 

The Premium plan starts at $168 per month, while Enterprise plans are custom quote-based

There are no setup fees or hidden costs, although implementation and training sessions are offered separately. 

Overall, when it comes to supplier management solutions, Tradogram is definitely on the more affordable end, making it a potentially good solution for small and medium-sized businesses who are looking for a cost-effective system but don’t want to compromise on functionality.


Ivalua is a unified cloud-based source-to-pay platform that leverages generative AI to help users manage all categories of spend along with all their suppliers. 

As a global leader, Ivalua serves many high-profile customers such as General Motors, Whirlpool, Booking.com, T-Mobile, IKEA, and many others.

When it comes to supplier performance management, the solution offers a robust suite of capabilities:

Supplier Information ManagementIncludes simple supplier onboarding; collects and validates supplier data; helps segment, review, and approve suppliers.
Risk CenterTracks risk at supplier, sub-tier, and contract levels; allows users to set up risk rules, alerts, and metrics.
Performance EvaluationsEvaluates, analyzes, and scores supplier performance; collects information through surveys; automates performance campaigns; tracks KPIs.
Issues ManagementHelps identify and resolve supplier-related problems; tracks progress.
Collaboration PlansDrives performance improvement plans; enables users to collaborate with suppliers on new innovations; manages and tracks ongoing activities.

Ivalua is highly flexible and adaptable, too.

With its no-code/low-code configuration, it allows users to tailor the solution to their own evolving needs. 

Plus, the system seamlessly integrates with 60 ERP and other systems, ensuring data consistency across various platforms.

ivalua plug-n-play experience screenshot

Source: Ivalua

The efficacy of Ivalua’s solutions is reflected in leading customer retention rates and prestigious industry accolades. 

This includes being listed as a Leader in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Source-to-Pay Suites and as a leader in Supplier Value Management Platforms by Forrester in 2022. 

So, if handling numerous suppliers and supplier-related risks across multiple regions and categories is your number one priority, this just might be the system for you. 


Serving an array of Global 1000 companies across multiple industries, Zycus offers a comprehensive suite of procurement and spend management solutions to automate and optimize all elements of the procurement lifecycle. 

This, of course, includes supplier performance management as well. 

Their system relies on Merlin AI, an advanced artificial intelligence component that leverages AI and machine learning capabilities to identify supplier risks, analyze their performance, and help users make the most out of their suppliers overall. 

Here are some of the solution’s key features:

iSupplierAutomatically onboards suppliers, providing a centralized view of their information.
iRiskHelps define custom KPIs for tracking supplier scores and performance.
MRR (Merlin Supplier Risk Radar)Detects ESG, compliance, legal, and other risks through various Internet sources.
ZSN (Zycus Supplier Network)Facilitates efficient information exchange (POs, invoices, contracts, etc.) between buyers and suppliers, ensuring real-time master data updates.

On their website, Zycus provides specific numbers that demonstrate the benefits of their system. 

For instance, their users typically experience:

  • a 72% reduction in supplier onboarding time, 
  • 94% improved supplier productivity, 
  • a fourfold decrease in supplier risk exposure, and 
  • twice the speed and efficiency in procurement cycles. 
zycus tool screenshot

Source: Zycus

Aside from that, similar to Ivalua, Zycus consistently earns top ratings as a procurement system from Gartner and Forrester year after year. 

It’s an effective, scalable, and smart solution for mid-sized to large businesses in any industry. 


Hopefully, now you feel closer to finding the right supplier performance management solution. 

Remember, purchasing software is all about thorough research, so be sure to give each of these options a thought or two. 

Evaluate their features against your specific requirements, take advantage of free trials and demos, inquire about the pricing, and choose the one that aligns best with your organizational goals. 

With the right tool in hand, you’ll transform supplier performance management from a challenge into a competitive advantage in no time.