Meet Veridion at ITC Vegas USA 2023

By: Auras Tanase - 26 October 2023

Empower your commercial lines with AI-collected data on SMEs.

We can all agree that high-quality data is the pinnacle for top-performing insurance companies. Starting from this principle, we’ve tailored Veridion’s data solutions to serve the insurance and reinsurance industries with high-quality data on 80 million companies worldwide. And there’s no better place and time than Insurtech Insights to connect with forward-thinking insurance and insurtech leaders who can understand the importance of high-quality data in insurance, especially commercial insurance.

Are those one of your challenges?

Let’s play a bingo game with challenges involving commercial insurance data. How many of these scenarios have you encountered?

☑️ Struggling with claim leakage due to unidentified risks.

☑️ Lacking access to actionable insights on policyholders.

☑️ Low coverage of sustainability data for SMEs.

☑️ Hiking loss ratios caused by the constantly evolving risk profiles of SMEs.

Let’s meet at booth K64. We have special prizes that are waiting for you!

If one of the challenges above rings a bell for you, we should have a chat. Meet us at the K64 booth or use the form below to schedule time with our colleagues, Drew and Riyaz. They are knowledgeable data aficionados with over 30 years of experience in top organizations (S&P, IBM Watson, Dun and Bradstreet, to name a few).

Want to know more about the use cases of our data?

You can discover through this case study how one of the leading commercial P&C companies in Canada leveraged Veridion’s SME data to achieve a 4x increase in data insights for incoming quotes.

We hope to see you on the conference floor and discuss the next generation of insurtech innovations and your challenges with data for commercial lines.